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I have the following that I can recall at the moment.

1 Elder Dragon

1 Tobhino

Do not have any original packing but they are lightly used and I'm reasonably sure I can locate their "spares" packs. They are ultimately up for P.I.F. though as they are both mid range RDAs I might like a trade for one, of roughly half retail value.

For example say the Tobhino goes for about $20 retail. Fast Tech...

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FREE! Postage only.
I have 12 RDAs left. The first 6 people to pm me your mailing address and agree to pay $5.67 shipping are IN.
You will receive 2 random RDAs of any color & size. NO requests, No questions. These are non-BF RDAs.
I will respond with my email address and provide tracking. PP F&F Only.

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