Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ Page


Signing up is easy. All you need to go to the BLV Delivery Home, page click on the Account icon in the upper right hand corner and enter your information. 

To be in compliance with FDA regulations, we are required to verify all of our customers age using a third-party verification process. To do this we use, that uses your user data to verify your age. In some instances, you may be required to upload your ID for further verification. To learn more about AgeChecker and their verification requirements, visit  

Unfortunately, we are only able to sell and deliver products to customers that pass age verification. 

The federal legal minimum age to purchase tobacco products is 21 years old. If you place an order and you are NOT over the age of 21, your order will be cancelled and your funds will be refunded. 

Delivery & Curbside Service

Same Day Delivery is currently available for customers in the Kona area. We are working on getting Waimea set up for delivery soon. Pahoa Should be up at the time of store opening at the end of May 2020. For all other areas you, there will be exceptions and delivery is possible. Please contact your local store for more information. Priority Shipping (1-2 Day) is always available for areas outside of our service area.

We are constantly working on expansion plans to offer Same Day Delivery to more areas as soon as possible, so be sure to check frequently to see if we offer Same Day Delivery near you! 

The No. Anyone can use this service as long as they can provide a valid ID at the time of exchange. However, in order to use Curbside Service, you must purchase directly from the BLV Delivery website at

Same Day Delivery 

Orders that are placed for Same Day Delivery will have a window that was chosen by you at checkout. Depending on circumstances, it could be up to a few hours, or as little as 30 minutes. As we get better at this these times will improve. If your order is going be outside of the time frame you specified you will be notified via text message or directly by phone.


Curbside Service is much easier and will usually take 30 minutes or less. In most situations probably less than 15.

Tipping is always appreciated! BLV drivers work really hard to get products to you as soon as possible. You can tip your driver cash at the door. We currently are working on a way to add a tip to your order on the "cart" page before you checkout. 100% of all tips go to the drivers every time. 

There may be a time when your order is cancelled. Below are some examples of what will trigger an order being cancelled and refunded to you.


  • The account information does not match the billing information.
  • Your age verification failed.
  • Our fraud team identified some errors with your order.

If your order is cancelled, you will be notified via text message and email. Your funds will be returned in the original form of payment. Please let us know if we made a mistake.

Paying for your order is pretty simple. We currently accept Visa, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. 

If your assigned delivery driver has not already left with your vape goodies, there may be time for you to update your order. Reach out to Customer Support by calling (808) 557-1993. 

Yes. Making sure that our service is only enjoyed by adults is our #1 priority. In order to do that we need to account for every single order that is processed on BLV Delivery's platform. 


Our return policy is pretty awesome. We provide customers a 5 day return or exchange for any item with a manufacturer defect. There are some cases that we can honor outside of this policy. Please reach out to us via phone if you have questions. In order to be eligible you need to have:


  • Purchased the exchanged product in the last 5 days.
  • Original product and packaging.
  • Contacted customer support to request an exchange.

To start the exchange process simply contact customer support via phone, or email. Please refer to our Refund Policy for any ques tions. 


Yes! We are masters in finding just the right product every time. If you can't find the juice, device, or even an accessory, reach out to us through FaceBook Chat. Our agents will be able to source the product typically within a few days. Not only that, we will order extras and keep them off the shelves so they are only available to you!. 

If there is a defect in an item that you ordered let us know within 5 days, and we will replace it as soon as possible. All you need to do is reach out to us via phone, email, or FaceBook and we will get you a new replacement as soon as possible. There is no additional cost, all you need to do is return the defective device with all of the original packaging. 

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